GOOGLE HOME MAX – Smart Speaker (Negro/ Charcoal)


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Google Home Max – Altavoz inteligente Negro Carbón

* 100% genuino Google Home Max Smart Speaker
* 2 años de garantía del fabricante con Google


Sonido impresionante: Google Home Max le brinda el poder de Google y un audio excelente y de alta fidelidad.
Te mantiene informado y actualizado: noticias instantáneas, información meteorológica y actualizaciones diarias sin mover un dedo.
Comience su hogar inteligente: Mejore siempre con conexiones integradas a las últimas luces inteligentes y termostatos compatibles.
Traiga un sonido excelente, el poder de Google y la conveniencia de la interacción de voz en la sala de estar con el altavoz inteligente de manos libres de Google Home Max. Desarrollado por el Asistente de Google, puedes hacerle preguntas y decirle que haga cosas. Con una variedad de altavoces de alta calidad, reproduce música con un potente audio de frecuencia completa.

Hecho para la música
Google Home Max está construido con hardware avanzado para lo último en música de alta fidelidad con woofers duales de 4.5 «y altos nítidos desde dos tweeters.

Sonido inteligente en el interior
Al aplicar el poder de Google al audio, su música sonará increíble en cualquier habitación. Google Home Max analiza, sintoniza y actualiza automáticamente (se requiere conexión Wi-Fi).

Tus canciones, solo pregunta
Reproduzca música desde aplicaciones como YouTube Music, Spotify y Deezer transmitiendo por Wi-Fi (algunos servicios pueden requerir suscripción). Reproduce, pausa, salta, controla el volumen y más con solo tu voz.

«Hey Google, toca algo de música pop»

Rockear la casa entera
Reproduzca música en todas partes creando un grupo de varias habitaciones con Google Home Max junto con Google Home, Google Home Mini o un altavoz con Chromecast Audio integrado (se vende por separado).

Un altavoz con inteligencia
Con el Asistente de Google incorporado, puede controlar dispositivos domésticos inteligentes compatibles con su voz y hacer cosas como encender el termostato, encender y apagar las luces o verificar si la puerta delantera está bloqueada (para controlar ciertos dispositivos y funciones se requiere un dispositivo inteligente compatible). dispositivo (s) Además, puede revisar el tráfico, obtener su horario diario, el pronóstico del tiempo, configurar recordatorios o incluso hacer llamadas telefónicas *, todo con manos libres.

«Ok Google, ¿necesitaré un paraguas hoy?»
«No, no se espera lluvia hoy».

«Ok, Google, despiértame a las 6 AM mañana».
«Lo tengo, tu alarma está programada para las 6 am».

«Ok Google, atenúa las luces en la cocina».
«Lo tienes, apagando las luces de la cocina».

Se adapta a tu estilo y espacio
Puede soportarlo en cualquier extremo, por lo que es fácil de instalar en cualquier lugar.

Google Home App
Descargue la aplicación gratuita de Google Home (disponible en iOS y Android) en su dispositivo inteligente para una fácil configuración y control. Tenga en cuenta que esta aplicación es necesaria para operar Google Home Max.

Google Home Max es compatible con Nest, Philips Hue, Hive, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, TP-Link, Spotify, Google Play, TuneIn, Youtube, Netflix, Google Photos, Google Chromecast, Philips, Sony y más.



Accesorios incluidos: Adaptador de corriente

Marca: Google

Compatible con: Android: 5 o superior. iOS: 10 o superior

Conexiones: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Dimensiones: H19 x W33.66 x D15.44cm

Monitor: No

Formatos de archivo: HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), FLAC, Opus

Número de pieza del fabricante (MPN): GA00222-UK

Nombre / número de modelo: Google Home Max

Sonido multisala: Incorporado

NFC habilitado

Fuente de alimentación: Red eléctrica

Peso: 5.3kg


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by Top favorable review

Good features but only OK sound

I bought the Home because I already have the Home Mini but wanted better sound from it...
It is very slightly better - base notes are improved but it cannot handle a beat at all - it sounds like someone slapping wet leather!
The skills don't match Alexa in terms of pure numbers but the smart features get better all the time and it understands conversational English better than Alexa.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: stockmustgo

by Top critical review

Fun device but voice recognition poor therefore not what it says on the tin!!

Does most of the things advertised. V frustrated with voice recognition. If I want to create or add to a list or create calender entries and reminders the device more often than not states it does not recognise voice so cannot create calender entry for instance. It works sometimes so you may be able to create a reminder but then when you go back a few minutes later you cannot change it as it now CANNOT Verify my voice and suggests updating it on my Google home app kwhich I have to continuously do. Very very bad weakness.. And yes I make a point of speaking in a regular fashion. This really undermines the full functionality of the device. Google really need to fix thisRead full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tyke89


No regrets purchasing my Google hub. Would recommend . Set it up and enjoy

I was bought a google home mini as a present . I got to like it for various reasons. I then purchased the google home hub for the kitchen liked that too. I thought I might as well complete the trio with the google home. Absolutely brilliant. sound quality is the best of the three. Would recommend especially if you like music. The sound is superb, Its a lot richer than the mini and the hub. You can also ask it Questions which it will answer. You can have fun with it ask it to tell you a joke usually corny but fun. If you say to it thankyou google it will say something like you are welcome. You can use it as an alarm and various other things .Easy to set up all you need is an android telephone and an internet connection. I listen to music all day on it sound is greatRead full review...


Google Home Smart Speaker and Home Assistant

What a brilliant piece of kit, easy to set up and use. I was looking out for a bluetooth speaker for my laptop music streaming and this certainly fits the bill, brilliant bass sound and quality with no vibration and I have never had it above half volume for nearby listening. But that's only part of it ask Google for the news, weather, jokes, quiz, translation, alarm clock, shopping list, currency exchange just to mention a few and not forgetting accessing a smart home appliances suitable adapted. With one wire to mains supply it sits on the corner of the desk and looks really smart with voice activation or finger tip volume and pause control on the top of the unit. Connects to a Google account on laptops, mobiles and tablets via casting.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: johannmcgrat0


Great Speaker - Great Home Assistant!

Couldn't be happier with Google home.
Works well with Phillips HUE bridge and wireless lights.
Sync with multiple accounts and voice distinction is brilliant.
would recommend for the tech nerds or to make your life a little easier.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: argos


Greatest Music Auto Speaker Music Speaker System

Took a little time to set up, but the result is amazing, just using "spotify " free music etc at this moment. But add all the other features, i.e. Alarm clock, dictionary system local weather forecast is just the start. Its the best piece of Hi-Fi Equipment in one package, we'll worth every penny. Have now purchases 2 !!!!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: nu-shop


Google Home

Google home is extremely easy to set up and use. I have it in my home office and it is really useful for streaming music, getting news and general information.

It should develop and get better as time goes by.

I bought this at the reduced price during black Friday but at full price I think the sound quality should be a little better, it's by no means poor and fine for background music.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: currys_pcworld


did not realise it would be such fun!

Very smart looking unit. easy to set up with the 'google home' 'app'. integrates very well with my chromecast hdmi dongle and my chrome cast audio dongle.
"hey google play 'album name' on 'lounge'" or "... on 'kitchen'" - it's like living in the future.
My next set of home electrics (lights, thermostats etc) will have to be 'home' compatible.
getting better all the time as it integrates with your google services. To maximise the benefits, I would say you need to be a keen google user and have "taken the google shilling".
I might get another one to sit on the landing so I can here my music better in the bathroom!
google play video and youtube need to be better integrated. hence 4/5 - it's not 5/5 yet.
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Verified purchase: No


Watch this space

The product it self, is basically a speaker, microphone and wireless network connection. Backed up with a potentially great service provided by Google Home.

It would be 5 star with these small improvements;
Ability to rename Google to personal choice, if you are bored of "Ok/Hey Google" try "OK Boo Boo" it does work. :-)
The addition of phone calls - this is already happening in the USA.

When used injunction with a Chromecast device very good for Netflix/Spotify members.

Lets see what improvements are introduced during 2018.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: smarthomeuk


Good sound quality compared with google dot

Got the bigger version as we mainly listen to music on Spotify. Good sound quality compared with google dot which we had before which works the same but a bit tinny for music. Can also get all mainstreem radio stations which we didn't realise until reading instructions. There is a graphic equilizer so can aslo adjust treble and bass.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: smarthomeuk

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