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Altavoz inteligente y Asistente Digital para el Hogar

Un pequeño y poderoso ayudante. Google Home Mini lo mantiene informado y actualizado con las noticias instantáneas, el clima y las novedades diarias sin mover un dedo.

  • Domine la cocina: Google Home Mini ayuda con temporizadores, recetas paso a paso y conversiones y sustitutos.
  • Comience su hogar inteligente: siempre está mejorando con conexiones integradas a las últimas luces y termostatos inteligentes compatibles.
  • En dos colores únicos: tiza y carbón, elija un Google Home Mini que combine con su habitación y estilo personal.

Obtenga ayuda de manos libres en cualquier habitación. Google Home Mini cuenta con la tecnología del Asistente de Google, por lo que puede hacer preguntas y decirle que haga cosas. Al usar su voz, solicite cosas como traducciones, cálculos, información nutricional y conversiones de unidades u otra información. Solo comience diciendo: Ok Google. Además, obtenga ayuda para administrar su agenda, desde el desayuno hasta la cama.

Reproducir, pausar y rebobinar. Controle el entretenimiento compatible con manos libres desde la comodidad de su sofá. Úselo con Chromecast para que pueda comenzar a transmitir programas, películas y música en su televisor o altavoz. Y controle su hogar inteligente, como luces, termostatos, interruptores y más compatibles desde sus sistemas de automatización del hogar favoritos, como Philips Hue, Nest y Samsung SmartThings.

Tenga en cuenta que Google Home está optimizado solo para servicios de música y video compatibles seleccionados. Controlar su termostato requiere un termostato inteligente compatible y controlar sus luces requiere luces inteligentes compatibles. El control de su TV o altavoces requiere un Chromecast o un televisor o altavoz con Chromecast incorporado.

  • 1 altavoz.
  • Compatible con iPod, iPhone y iPad.
  • Compatible con Bluetooth


Información general del Google Home Mini:

  • Número de modelo: GA00210-UK.
  • Tamaño H4.2, W9.8, D9.8cm.
  • Diámetro del altavoz 9.8cm.
  • Mains operado.
  • Garantía de 2 años del fabricante.
  • EAN: 0842776102348
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Google Home Mini Negro Carbón
EUR 45,27
by Top favorable review

Saves me time every day.

Plus Points:
This saves time getting out your mobile phone, tablet or computer for quick search results. Getting details of my day, by saying Good Morning is wonderful.

I've not used it with smart lights but that's an extra benefit. The usage will increase with time.

Linking to Chromecast is wonderful. Would suggest Google link up YouTube playlists to the Home so it plays them straight to the Chromecast.

One feature with Spotify if you are on a basic account, skipping song (forward or back) is not available. I don't need Spotify premium for all the family.

Voice Recognition is poor. It thinks my friends are me. More work needed on this part.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: gosmartdirect

by Top critical review

Don't buy it unless you are willing to pay for youtube spotify premium

I'm a technical person who usually don't buy thing unless I'm 100% sure it is what I want need.
Before purchasing it I've just took 10EUR Bluetooth car kit and connected it to an old phone and start playing with the google assistant and it was fun, I could play an music from you tube just by pressing one button on my BT car kit and asking to play something.
Making a long story short, I thought it it would be a nice idea to replace this "hack" with a real device such as this
I also read some articles about it and i knew that there might be some limitation in some countries, little did i knew that it was engineered not to work unless I have premium YouTube or spottily account , simply put:
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: vendable_ltd


Reliable Smart Speaker And Does What It Needs Too

The Google Home Mini is a great smart speaker if you're looking for it to do all the basic things like reminders, play music, alarms, news, weather and more. The Google Home Mini is also very smart and responsive to any questions you have for it. The only Con is that the sound quality is not as good as the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Echo Dot also has a lot of expansions to allow it to do more than the Google Home Mini.

Other than this, it a great all-round smart speaker that works reliably and does what it needs too as well.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: dwi-internation...


So good I bought another 2 and one for one of my mates.

This is truly a beautifully made item and very versatile. I can use it alone or voice activate my chrome cast and chrome cast audio. It is really fun to use and even can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and broadcast to both that and a chrome cast outing the audio through the Bluetooth to a speaker (if you are unlucky enough to have a tv with no audio jacks (SPDIF or headphones).

It’s sound quality is not too bad considering that it’s just a mono speaker built in. It also connects to your smartphone and works well as a speakerphone; being able to access your phone contacts and phone spoken numbers.

I have an Alexa but this thing beats it hands down in my opinion. Alexa is limited when you see this baby working and proves to be a poor cousin by comparison.

I got 3 of these items. For example, I can turn off the video/music for my chrome cast in another room such as the living room (if I go upstairs to watch or listen and have left it on).

This is well worth the hard earned bucks and I am as happy as a Cheshire Cat.

I got my ones for about 20 quid each which is a compete steal considering that even the usual price of £49 is a complete steal as it is; considering what it can do.

If you want add free music and YouTube music you ge a free month trial.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: will_daffo


Google Assistant - great tech and fun!!

I have a number of Google mini's and Google Home's - great tech if you like this sought of stuff. I prefer Google to Alexa, as I find Amazon's user interface a bit monotone and less engaging. They are very easy and quick to set up. If you want more of a smart speaker with good sound then opt for the Google Home; great sound and bass although its not the loudest. I have a number of smart power outlets and Chromecast dongles - all work faultlessly with Google. Once you get started there are plenty of things you can control from your arm chair. You can also play games, listen to music (not Amazon music), listen to radio, set alarms/timers, ask joke of the day, news updates, ask all sorts of questions. Good fun!!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: rcnetshop


Great Smart Speaker

The google home mini is a great little smart speaker. I'm using mine in the kitchen as a web radio most of the time. Sounds good enough for that, and useful for news/recipes/timers etc. I have both the google home mini devices and amazon echo equivalent. I must say the voice recognition is much better on the google devicse than the amazon ones. It also responds better when it's playing, which is important if you want to change volume or stop it playing.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: topretailer1


Best smart speaker

Answers every single question plays stories as well also tell me my favourite singers rappers and more
Exellent Google home mini.
And came very soon excellent packaging and it came with the box. It was brand new.
Recommend to buy this smart speaker.

It's a little help at home in the Google way😊
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: smarthomeuk


Smart and Efficient

Easy setup with a contemporary feel. Voice commands are great and adapts well to your personal voice. Google App needed to run/setup puck.

Varied accessibility with many brands of IoTs enabled equipment.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: currys_pcworld


I love my Google hubs.

I love my Google hub.
It's so helpful.
And I can attach so many different types of things which I didn't know when I ordered it. I have ordered two more for the other rooms and a Google home hub for the kitchen.
My friends keep telling me I'm being spied on , but what a load of crap.
Besides if you ain't doing nothing wrong what's to spy on.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: yourkidstore


Smart google home

Very easy to set up, smart plugs i bought all linked up fairley easy.
Only negative i found was it did not understand just the voice you linked. My son came over and talked to it and it helped him out. What you do need to say is hey or ok google for it to hear you.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: jakew22


Love it.

Yes the speaker isnt a hifi quality. But its still fine for listening to talk or music at average volume. Its still just like using the phone app if you want to get a feeling for assiatant. I use for the bedroom to set my alarm, tell me about my day, set reminders, and play me relaxing music to sleep.Read full review...

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